1.What Is Talktailor?

Talktailor is a Nigerian based and world class social networking platform that is open to fashion enthusiasts from all over the globe, using the Nigerian fashion market as our niche, from which our services will extend beyond, keeping our core value in place, we are committed to bringing the worlds culture to your fingertip while still taking account of your satisfaction.

What this simply means is; it is an online community for tailors, seamstresses, designers and fashionistas to connect, network and market their products or show off their ideas/designs to customers, friends and colleagues while still meeting potential new ones from next-door to those far off.

2. How Does Talktailor Work?

Talktailor is a public source platform and as such, any talk (post) made by you (registered user) is immediately viewable and searchable by anyone around the world. Which is why we advised you to use our “Unique Feature” on your talks (posts) before sharing them, we will also provide a non-public way to communicate through direct messages.

3. Is Talktailor Meant For Tailors Alone?

Talktailor is a platform for the fashion industry, that is to say it is open to anyone actively or passively involve in fashion. Tailors, seamstresses, designers (such as crotchetier, shoe-makers, bag makers, fascinators, bead-making, etc.), fashionistas (those that creates and designs), etc., all falls under active while customers (those that buys and wears all these products) falls under passive.

4.Do I Have To Pay For Talktailor’s Service?

Talktailor is completely free. However, for one to enjoy the premium services such as a “Personalized Unique Feature”, “Sponsored Contents” and other contents that go with the premium service, he or she will have to subscribe to these services at a rate which will be communicated to them at the right time.

5. How Do I Sign Up Or Register

Registering to talktailor is easy; all you need is a working email and a name. the talktailor application can be downloaded from either the Google Play (for android) Or App Store (for iOS) or by visiting our website www.talktailor.com.ng Click on “Register Now”, Input the necessary details such as username (Brand/Business Name for tailors, Seamstresses and designers), Email, create a password and register or you could register using your Facebook or Google Account. Click on “Discover” to explore, connect and network. And spread the world

6. What Do I Stand To Gain By Using Talktailor?

Talktailor has many benefits and for better understanding of these benefits, we will explain the benefits each class of users gains by belonging in this community;

For Tailors, Seamstresses and Designers

∙Talktailor Saves Cost. With talktailor you no longer need to pay for space for your business that is to say, with talktailor, you can work, showcase and sell from the comfort of your home. Thereby saving you the cost of renting an office or a work place

∙Talktailor Provides Validation. Research has shown that we tend to do more when people appreciate our work. So for a tailor, a seamstress or a designer using talktailor, they get to see their work live on their customers and see how people they barely know react to it. This feeling is prone to fuel more productivity

∙Talktailor saves space. Some of you are fortunate enough to have big libraries to store your designs books but for designers who don’t have that extra room, talktailor saves a tremendous amount of space by allowing users to store thousands of designs online and you won’t have to worry about losing them or creating space for new designs

∙Talktailor saves times. For a tailor, seamstress or a designer using talktailor, they don’t need to create their own website to promote their product and sell online. We will incorporate a simple, safe and secured means of payment on the talktailor platform

∙For Those Online Already, Talktailor Gives Your Authenticity Of Your Work. At talktailor, we believe everyone deserves credits that comes with creating new designs which is why we have built-in a “Unique Feature” to make this possible, also facilitates the sharing of these contents on other social media platform

∙With Talktailor, its users don’t have to worry about owning a brand logo before they can launch their product or fashion line. It has a “Unique Feature” for this purpose, all one need is a name

∙Talktailor helps in promoting your brand and work which directly results to increment in sales. We will be displaying designs of the week on all our social media handles from Talktailor, this is aimed at promoting and encouraging our users for their hard work and dedication

For Fashionista and Customers

∙Connects them with their favorite tailors, seamstresses and designers on a personal level while enabling them to discover, explore and interact with new ones. new people, their family and friends (a community)

∙Talktailor updates you on the latest styles/designs in your part of the world and in the other part of the world. The world of fashion is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep up with the latest styles or designs in one localities. Talk more, outside of it but with talktailor, it will easier to achieve this

∙Talktailor helps to sustain fashion. The fashion industry undergoes significant changes that are so slow that one could barely notice and yet it happens, Talktailor makes it easier to keep up with this changes while going with it

∙Most application with our “Unique Feature” offers no social value and still offers these services for free for a limited amount of time or with limited features. But not talktailor

∙At talktailor, harmony is of utmost importance to us which is why we are

guided by it while still bringing the worlds culture to your fingertip in a click

For Fashion Bloggers and Journalists

∙Talktailor is portable and convenient. Anything that makes life easier for people is attractive and convenience is a real crowd pleaser. Talktailor is an application and as such it is portable and convenient with any device that has internet connection, your content will be at your audiences fingertip and they can follow you at their own pace, telling you what they think with their smartphones, iPad or computers (all lightweight devices), sounds a lot easier than lugging around a thousand paperback magazine. If you ask us

∙Talktailor Provides Validation. Research has shown that we tend to do more when people appreciate our work. And just like for tailors, seamstresses or designers using talktailor, you get to see the impact of your work live on someone and see how people you barely know react to it. This feeling is prone to fuel more productivity

∙Talktailor is a world class social media platform, that is to say, with your business being on talktailor, the chances of you being known worldwide is guarantee

∙With talktailor, you no longer need to pay for space for your business. This simply means with talktailor, you can write virtually from anywhere, home, cars or parks, it will be up to you to decide

∙And just to make sure you know we understand what your business means to you, we will make sure you earn using Talktailor. All you need to do is garner as much audience as you can and place adverts on your page.

So, Go Ahead and Talk! For-“The World Could Be Your Audience…”

We reserve the right to update and edit this information at consequent times, for more information or inquiry, please reach us at

+2349055427485, +2348062729612 talktailor@gmail.com